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C-Dax SlugMaster for Slug Bait and Mouse Bait Spreading

2 Mar 2011 12:08 PM


The C-Dax SlugMaster is a 12 volt spreader specifically designed for the accurate spreading of baits, seeds and trace elements. The SlugMaster's powerful 12 volt motor spreads baits up to 24 metres (e.g. Slug Baits) and has a 75 litre hopper. The SlugMaster can handle application rates up to 8 kg per hectare and as low as 1 kg per hectare making it ideal for formulated and grain based baits. Key baits spread with the SlugMaster are Mouse Baits and Slug Baits.

The SlugMaster has a electrically operated shutter to allow remote opening and closing of the spreader mechanism. A weather proof hinged lid protects baits from spoilage in wet weather.
The SlugMaster is available in either a flat deck model for fitment to a vehicle or a Quicksmart attachment frame for a suitable specified ATV. 
 Commonly used products including slug control baits (SlugOff and Metarex) and mouse control baits (MouseOff). Other applications include brush control granules and Fire Ant control.
The SlugMaster has an optional motor speed control box available for applications that require specific application widths. If you are looking for a Mouse Bait Spreader or Slug Bait Spreader the Slugmaster is the product for you.