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Hypro Hydraulic Motor Upgrade

20 Sep 2010 1:10 PM

The hydraulically-driven centrifugal, plunger, and gear pump lines from Hypro have long been top performers in the field. As part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, Hypro has implemented design changes to the hydraulic motor to improve life and reliability of these products. These design changes allow the pressure and tank port ratings of 3000 PSI and 300 PSI continuous, providing motor protection in the most demanding systems.

Along with the hydraulic motor updates the outlet tank port adaptor has changed from a ½” NPT to a ¾” NPT port adaptor. This change provides a visual differentiation between the pressure port and tank port, reducing the likelihood of reverse hook-up resulting in motor damage. Hypro is recommending that the tank return line also changes from ½” to ¾” hose. The larger return line will reduce the internal motor pressure resulting in increased performance, reduced seal pressures, and increased motor life. See Hypro's Hydraulic Selection Guide on the Tools page of this website for more the information on the best practices in tractor hydraulics and matching the right hydraulic motor to your tractor.

A new hydraulic motor seal kit has been released (3430-0748) that is suitable for both the new hydraulic motor and also for retrofitting to older motors.