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Spreading with C-DAX

6 Mar 2012 12:50 PM


Before the advent of ATV’s, fertiliser, mineral and trace element application was a process undertaken with the assistance of either a tractor or an agricultural contractor.
While effective, both of these alternatives did not necessarily offer the convenience required by today’s farmers.
C-Dax manufactures a range of high quality broadcast spreaders which are specifically designed to be practical, reliable and convenient, and at the same time, affordable. They are designed so that they can be attached to, or trailed behind a four-wheeled motorcycle, or ATV.
The ground driven C-DIT300 is a trailed broadcast spreader for all pastoral situations, and boasts a variety of features which enable it to consistently out-perform similar machines.
Incorporating all of the standard features which have made C-DAX spreaders so popular over the years, the C-DIT300 features a wider and more even broadcast pattern - made possible by a combination of gearing and spinner disc design. A low centre of gravity for easier loading and safer operation, a 100% corrosion resistant 300L hopper and a fully shrouded spinner  all add to the practicality of the CDIT 300.
Simple rate adjustment is controlled by an easy to reach lever - developed specifically for maximum operator safety and ease of use. A simple engaging mechanism allows the operator to engage or disengage the spinner disc through a clutch based drive system.
The maximum application rate for the C-DIT300 is 140kg/ha at 10kph. It’s spread pattern is huge and will cover up to 18m at 10kph (Urea).
Complete with a durable galvanised frame the C-DIT300 sets the benchmark in trailed broadcast spreaders.
Another option for Spreading is the ATV mounted SpreadMaster. The SpreadMaster is a 12 volt operated spreader which mounts to the back of the ATV. With 70 litre hopper and a spreading width of up to 15 metres the SpreadMaster is ideal for the spreading of seed and fertilizer.
C-Dax’s unique Quick Smart attachment frame allows the SpreadMaster to be fitted in seconds allowing the operator to spread fertilizer and seed exactly when it is needed even as approaching rains gather.
C-Dax is distributed in Australia by Pumps and Sprays. Pumps and Sprays is an Australia-wide distributor for Hypro, Flojet, C-Dax, Imovilli, Sherwood, SHURflo and Shertech pumps. The Pumps and Sprays product range includes pumps for agriculture and industry as well as a range of sprayers and accessories including: Nylon Fittings, Filters, Cam Locks, Spray Lances, Spray Guns, 12 Volt Compressors, Pressure Gauges, Spray Controls and Foam Markers.
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