ATV Equipment

12 Volt Sprayers

ATV's can be used as a platform for many things and C-DAX has designed a range of sprayers that can be attached to, or towed behind the ATV to extend it's capabilities even further.

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ATV Accessories

As farmers and growers continue to adopt the ATV as a genuine farm vehicle there is a growing requirement for tools and other regularly used items to be on-hand when needed.

To accommodate these items and provide safe, hands-free cartage, C-DAX™ offers two sizes of utility carry-all box.

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Broadcast Spreaders

Before the advent of ATV's, fertiliser, mineral & trace element application was a process undertaken with the assistance of either a tractor or agricultural contractor. C-DAX™ manufactures a wide range of trailed and 12V broadcast spreaders which are specifically developed to be functional, reliable and at the same time - affordable. They ...

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Eliminator Weed Wipers

Wiping weeds means that you can cover large areas relatively quickly while only targeting plants over a specific height. The underlying pasture is completely undisturbed. Because the chemical is wiped onto the plant, it's possible to control weeds in a wider range of weather conditions, a great option in Australia's wide climatic extremes.  The ...

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Spray Booms

With a range of booms that cover from 2 metres up to 18 metres, C-DAX has a boom that will suit your application.

Styles include the traditional Pressure Nozzle type as well as the super efficient Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) type. We also have several bracket options to attach booms to ATV's or a flat deck.

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