Broadcast Spreaders

Before the advent of ATV's, fertiliser, mineral & trace element application was a process undertaken with the assistance of either a tractor or agricultural contractor.

C-DAX™ manufactures a wide range of trailed and 12V broadcast spreaders which are specifically developed to be functional, reliable and at the same time - affordable.
They are designed to be attached to or trailed behind an ATV.

300L Trailed Spreader

The C-DIT300GT is the most popular 300 Litre trailed spreader available. It is designed for all pastoral spreading applications and boasts some key C-Dax features which enable it to consistently out-perform other alternatives. It now features a new clutch mechanism and mudguards fitted as standard. Model: C-DIT 300 Part No: 3003

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400L Trailed Spreader

The C-DIT 400GT is a 'super' heavy-duty 400 Litre broadcast spreader suitable for all pastoral situations. It incorporates a variety of unique C-DAX features that allow it to consistently outperform other alternatives as the toughest spreader ever

Model: C-DIT 400
Part No: 84704

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70L 12 volt Spreader

The C-Dax SpreadMaster is a versatile, general purpose, 12-volt broadcast spreader that is suitable for a wide range of spreading and seeding applications.

Model: SpreadMaster-GL QS (SM70QS)
Part No: 83523

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75L 12 volt Slug Pelleter

The C-Dax SlugMaster is a heavy-duty 12-volt broadcast spreader that has been specifically developed for spreading bait in arable cropping situations. Ideal for slug bait spreading, mouse bait spreading and timber control granule spreading. Reliable and ready to go when you need it—no waiting for the contractor. Model: SlugMaster-G3 QS (SM75QS)...

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MagMaster Trailed Magnesium Spreader

The C-Dax MagMaster is the only spreader designed specifically for spreading magnesium based materials. With unique C-Dax features such as the spinner disc and agitator your magnesium spreading worries are over. The MagMaster comes with mudguards fitted as standard. Model: Magmaster Part No: 87201

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