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MagMaster Trailed Magnesium Spreader

The C-Dax MagMaster is the only spreader designed specifically for spreading magnesium based materials. With unique C-Dax features such as the spinner disc and agitator your magnesium spreading worries are over. The MagMaster comes with mudguards fitted as standard.

Model: Magmaster
Part No: 87201



  • 65 Litre capacity—holds enough magnesium for 800 cows per day
  • Notional 3m spread width at 10kph
  • Five application rate settings (from 1.3 to 13g per sq/m at 10kph)
  • Aggressive agitation with our purpose built stainless steel agitator prevents 'bridging' and ensures a consistent flow of material to the spinner
  • Unique spinner disc design directs magnesium dust towards the ground
  • Wide shroud to keep dust off the operator and ATV
  • Strong galvanised frame
  • Wide wheel track to provide the best stability on uneven terrain
  • Comes with snap-shut hopper lid and protection shroud
  • Mudguards fitted as standard



  • 62kg empty


  • 1250mm


  • 1300mm