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CDA Horticultural Band Sprayer

The Hydromiser low volume CDA band sprayer, represents the ultimate in spraying efficiency and offers some considerable advantages over conventional pressure nozzle spraying techniques.

Model: Hydromiser 2 (HYD2)
Part No: 81219



  • Double atomiser band sprayer
  • 0.5–1.5m spraying width per atomiser
  • Application rates adjustable between 24–32 L/ha (6–8kph/1.2m band width)
  • 10m, 580psi delivery hose
  • Reduced spray drift and run-off
  • Variable boom width to suit row spacings of 2–5.5m
  • Boom breakaway protection system
  • Comes complete with electronic remote mounting switch, dry break couplers and 6m delivery hose, wiring loom, pressure regulator, and crop lifters
  • Includes Quick-Smart attachment system


  • Single atomiser band sprayer (81218)
  • Triple atomiser band sprayer (81220)