1807C - Hydraulic Pressure Washers

The hydraulically-driven pressure washers are ideally suited for remote and explosion-proof environments where electricity cannot be used.

These models are equipped with a hydraulic motor-driven, triplex plunger pump; and include an unloader, gauge, and quick disconnect. Select models also include a chemical injector.


Performance Information

  • Max. flow: 3 gpm/11.4 lpm (1803C, 1805C and 1807C); 4 gpm/15.1 lpm (1825C and 1827C)
  • Max. pressure: 1000 psi/68.9 bar (1803C); 1500psi/103.4 bar (1805C and 1825C); 2000 psi/137.9 bar (1807C and 1827C)
  • Hydraulic Motor Flow Requirements: 5 gpm/18.9 lpm(1803C); 8 gpm/30.3 lpm (1805C); 11 gpm/41.6 lpm (1807C); 8.5 gpm/32.2 lpm (1825C and 1827C)
  • Hydraulic Motor Pressure Requirements: 1300 psi/89.6 bar (1803C and 1807C); 1900 psi/131.0 bar (1805C); 2000 psi/137.9 bar (1825C and 1827C)

Other Attributes

  • Port sizes: 1/2" NPT inlet (1803C); 3/4" GH input (1805C, 1807C, 1825C and 1827C), 3/8" quick disconnect outlet (All models)
  • All units come with an adjustable unloader and gauge
  • Chemical injector included on the following units: 1805C, 1807C, 1825C and 1827C
  • Weight: 28 lbs./12.7 kg (1803C);29 lbs./13.2 kg (1805C and 1807C); 33 lbs/15.0 kg (1825C and 1827C)