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Air Inclusion Nozzles


  The Hypro GuardianAIR is the only spray tip with a pattern and droplet size scientifically designed to maximize coverage and productivity at low application rates. This technology was originally developed by Hypro for the Syngenta Amistar nozzle (Syngenta Air Induction nozzle) and has been proven on millions of hectares around the world.  ...

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GuardianAIR™ Twin

Hypro has released the GuardianAIR™ Twin range of air inclusion nozzles. Based on technology developed for optimal crop protection chemical application the GuardianAIR™ Twin spray nozzles are the best choice air-inclusion nozzle for high coverage applications. They are ideal for low crops with complex canopies, such as canola, cereals, vegetabl...

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Ultra Low Drift (ULD) Nozzles

The Ultra Lo-Drift® is the ideal spray tip for use where drift reduction is paramount.  The tip produces large air-filled droplets, which cut drift dramatically compared with a standard fan and conventional low-drift spray tips.  Ideal for use with pre-emergence and broad spectrum products.

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