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GuardianAIRâ„¢ Twin

Hypro has released the GuardianAIR™ Twin range of air inclusion nozzles.

Based on technology developed for optimal crop protection chemical application the GuardianAIR™ Twin spray nozzles are the best choice air-inclusion nozzle for high coverage applications. They are ideal for low crops with complex canopies, such as canola, cereals, vegetables and potatoes where thorough coverage of the target is important. They also give excellent coverage of soil-applied products.
The GuardianAIR™ Twin incorporates 30° forward and rear inclined 110° flat fans that direct spray to penetrate denser crop or weed canopies that require more coverage. The GuardianAIR™ Twin incorporates the spray characteristics of the world renowned GuardianAIR™  nozzle range which has been proven to be effective for a wide range of applications.
Provides better coverage with more drops per litre of spray compared to other air-induction nozzle types the GuardianAIR™ Twin has a FastCap design that twists smoothly onto standard nozzle bodies. It has a compact design to reduce the risk of damage.
The GuardianAIR™ Twin (GAT-110) is available in sizes from 02 – 08 to suit a range of application rates.




• High-coverage forward and rear facing fans help penetrate complex canopies

• Engineered to provide better coverage with more drops per litre

  compared to other air-induced sprays

• Easy-to-install, patent-pending locking ring and o-ring seal design

• FastCap® complete includes tip, cap, gasket and integrated strainers